domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

Erodium paularense

Familia: Geraniaceae
Hábitat: Cerro volcanico
Floración: Marzo - Mayo
Cerro Volcanico de La Miñosa
Cañamares (Gu)

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  1. I run 3 homepages which combine a botanical key with pictures. My aim is to describe the Flora of Germany (, the ornamental flowers of Germany ( and the Flora of the Alps and the Mediterranean from Greece to Portugal ( At the moment the german wildflowerwebsite describes 4500 plants with about 34000 pictures, the mediterranean website and the ornamental website just started, but some families are already complete.
    I like to use your pictures from Erodium paularense, when it is possible. If you give me your ok I would link the pictures with your name and your website.
    Best wishes
    Thomas Meyer

    1. Thank you very much. You can use and link the images that interest you. You have very interesting sites . For the moment I have some standing . I hope to pick up the pace to put more plants.
      Conchita Muñoz.